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What is the dosage of Allimed®?

To boost your immune system use  1 capsule Allimed® per day.

Depending on the symptoms and cause of intake, we can recommend the dosage. Feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you.

The dose is a directive. Allimed® is a powerful garlic preparation, a nutritional supplement. We do not hold us liable for improper use of Allimed®.

What are the side effects of Allicin?
There may be signs of allergic reactions on the skin. When this occurs it is advisable  to stop the use of Allicin, wait until the symptoms have disappeared and rebuild treathment plan at a low pace. When the allergic reaction returns, then stop using Allicin immediately.
How should I store Allimed®?
 Store in a cool place, when possible in a refrigerator.
What is the difference between Allimed®, Allimax® and AllicinMax™?

Per capsule:   

Allimax™ 180 mg stabilised Allisure®Allicin powder

AllicinMax™ : 180 mg stabilised Allisure®Allicin powder

Allimed® : 450 mg stabilised Allisure®Allicin powder


Allimax™ is replace in the Netherlands by AllicinMax™

Allimed ® can be used simultaneously with regular medication?
Allicin may, unless prohibited by the doctor, be taken together with standard medications.
What are the contra indications?
Allicin has no contraindications. When using blood thinners/ anticoagulants, you should consult your doctor if you want to use Allicin. Those who are going for surgery, the doctor should be informed about the use of Allicin.
Am I going to have a garlic-like smell when using Allimed® ?
When using Allimed® capsules you will not suffer from a garlic-like smell.