Allimed® allicin extract - The most powerful in the world

What is Allimed®?

Allimed® is a registered trademark. Among others, capsules with 100% Allisure®Allicin powder are brought onto the market under the Allimed® trademark.

Allisure® powder is the result of a patented process and guarantees the quality of allicin, the only real stabilised allicin! This distinguishes it from other garlic preparations.

Our capsules contains 450mg Allimed® stabilised 100% Allisure®Allicin powder. This very high concentration allows for the most effective operation.

Allimed® is available in capsules, liquid, spray and gel.

In some cases it can be a natural (herbal) antibiotic because of its strong antibacterial effect.

What is stabilised allicin?

Allicin is created by the amino acids and the enzyme allinase, which are located in fresh garlic. Allicin is an unstable substancy by nature. British scientists have developed a production process which can stabilise allicin.

The human body is able to absorbe stabilised allicin in a very effective manner, such that it will have a powerfull effect.


Why Allimed®?

Especially Allimed® is very highly concentrated. One capsule contains 450mg stabilised allicin, similar to a huge amount of 20 garlic cloves. Therefore choose the capsule and take advantage of the effective operation of the power of garlic. An added bonus is that you will nog suffer from a bad garlic smell after taking the capsules.

To boost the immune system’s defense system which ensures that the body is protected from harmful external influences. A properly functioning immune system is crucial for your overall health.

For better blood flow to organs and tissues, good for the you vascular system

Cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar lowering

For proper digestion and intestinal health

Vitalizing effect on the entire body. It will give you more energy

Keeps you young. Protects againts aging. It is powerful antioxidant

The constant cleaning effect keeps you healthy

Fits a conscious and healthy lifestyle

Both internally and externally very broadly applicable


In some cases It can be a natural (herbal) antibiotic because of its strong antibacterial effect.

Allimed® is available in capsules, liquid, spray, cream and gel.


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