Allicin The Heart of Garlic

Nature's aid to healing the human body

This book will show you how to combat and even reverse a wide range of ailments especially microbial disease caused by bacterial, fungal and viral infections, including:

Allergies, Bacterial infections, colds, diarrhea, gum disease, ringworm, arthritis, bites, cold sores, eczema, lyme, sinusitis, asthma, candidiasis, colitis, environmental toxins, cholesterol, viral disease, athlete’s foot, chest infections, congestion, fungal infections, psoriasis, wound infections.

You will learn how Allicin can:

  • Protect you from viral diseases spreading across the World
  • Defend you against fatal infections like tuberculosis, smallpox and flesh-eating bacteria
  • Learn how to prevent the deadly “superbug” MRSA from spreading throughout the healthy population as well as among those who are most vulnerable
  • Save money on your doctor and hospital bills
  • Protect your body from further diseases and a wide range of environmental toxins
  • Prevent infections from returning to invade your body


By Peter Josling, director of the Garlic Center